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beethoven’s 7th notes 2nd movement

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figuring out what happened and where it’s coming from or unable to figure and instead attempting to guess and discover intuitive possibilities? of meaning? [fck this] and so comparison to these things we might know and their meanings integrated picaresque: exploratory peter and the wolf and yet

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you really love me

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[linkedlist of spammers viewing my blog]
possible consideration of connections.

videographic documentary evidence and
these highly technical matters playing

promotionally; (advertisements within other
an entire portfolio of personality made of mirrors)

:bound up in these text scraps –
futile, deliquescent.

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from outside partially produced text calling back in to sound out spaces
(crawling back in surrounded by spaces):

reproductive / transgressive: ‘paganistic’ type reversal
(transgressive paganistic reproductive reversal)

“mythic” (disgusted rejection / rebellious rediscovery)
[items for further investigation

(at some perhaps postponed possibly never-defined location.]

we tyrannically fragmented the items. )cally gue la.)

[don’t talk to us like that]

= dialectic roleplay and leading back to notions surrounding performer / audience narrative determination., *binary fission

yet seeming to suggest an i ndependence of existence. ‘autonomatic’
Pando “The Trembling Giant”.

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“treachery resides in the heart of mortals”.,

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2. these haunting words and then with that so advice &* , “authority”, “auctoritas”, “illiterate”

2. calculated displays of malicious spite: genuine?


‘waiter there’s a numeral in my alphabet soup! / there’s an alphabet in my soup!’

(hd for distinguishing hs with vowls)

3. “if pain persists, please see your doctor” (mantra against evil spirits)

4. read more. (reminder: not a to-do list.)

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unreality, “real me”; ($nonconformity$) representation;o stylistically




[“intertextualtiy” would be taking it too far]

: fed up.


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