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impromptu 3 in g flat major

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[andante like the dribblings of drool in the classical school] would be too unjust as to say as that

no need being greater than to take each step reframed in an attitude of poise and elegance in adversity with the conclusion as though nothing had ever transpired to take ONE away from it all

i thought when i am older [ — presumptuously totally without humility; (and who would intervene? well enough to fuck me up apparently and thank you so much for your unnecessary that] i will purchase for myself european piano with the earnings of my art and i will play that. i can play it now one page in an hour. my fingers will bend to my will. @ossification!

murray perahia the definitive interpretation;., ? i can mimic you sir and more. i can go further than you mister perahia., and out of pure generosity lets take one anothers hands into infinity together.

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