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strange counterpart

Apr 08 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

walking home that late at night, John was always reminded of Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. it wasnt snowing, but it was always cold, and the woods were lovely, dark and deep.

this time he wondered not for the first time whether Frost was really a great poet. people were always saying he was a great poet, but John could not apprehend his greatness, and why the particular poem that had come to mind might be one of his most famous. was it about suicide?

another man had entered the road and was walking on ahead of him. John thought he recognised the man, although it seemed unlikely that this was really the case, as many people looked the same from behind, especially when we have been thinking of someone we know. but then John realised that it was because the man was wearing a coat remarkably similar to that he was wearing himself, if not identical. John was spooked, because the man seemed to possess a similar height and stature to his own; but there must be many such coats.

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in your heart

Apr 06 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

in infancy, John discovered the receptacle of his heart, and began to keep things within it. some of the things he collected were play doh, cicadas, bicycle, rocks, rosebud, shells, mother, stickers.

Jane too, although having no knowledge of John (or anything much else at all outside the confines of her child world), similarly began to fill her heart. amongst other things she collected red, magnifying glasses, triangles, strawberry, firetruck, angel.

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