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no reason at all

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pure mind

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Mary inherited a dollhouse from an older relative. She received it in a large, secure chest. In her childhood she had loved the dollhouse, but she had forgotten about it. Accepting the house was a completely neutral experience. She had sincerely cared for the relative, who had become poor in her later years, and had expected nothing from the death. But the dollhouse seemed like something from the past, and Mary was not a nostalgic person. Still, when she opened the house and saw the little doll that had always lived in it, she felt a pang of the same emotion that she had felt when she had played with it as a child.

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circuit breaker

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it was your idea

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My flight came in at 2 in the morning but I had been very tired when the plane took off and I had just slept for 14 hours. I waited another 4 hours at the luggage claim while the carousel went around and around and nothing else came out. I don’t know why I waited so long, I just kept thinking my bag would come out eventually. For most of that time the concourse was completely empty and it was just me standing there alone. A few times I was approached by attendants asking if everything was alright, could they help me, and so on, but I just told them everything was fine and I would ask someone if I needed assistance.

Finally I was rewarded by the appearance of my bag. But when I pulled it off the carousel it felt much heavier. It was difficult to lift. At first I thought, I must just be tired from travelling, but that didn’t seem completely right, because I’d been sleeping for so long. Even pulling my bag along on its wheels was more difficult than usual. I must really have spent more on souvenirs than I planned to, I thought. I must really have been filled with adrenaline when I was hauling my bag to the flight.

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