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Sometimes two people being seated behind the window, but usually only one. The second being perhaps superfluous to the task. And every now and then, maybe several times a day or maybe once a week, regardless of the number of those waiting, someone or something talking to the person behind the window (maybe sharing a little chuckle), and then opening the door beside the window and emerging from it into the waiting room. And calling one of our winning Lottery numbers. The waiting one who was called to being always a human, but the caller not always being recognisably human. Most of the time the caller being a robot, or maybe just a person in a robot costume. Very rarely, the caller being a very handsome man or very beautiful woman, but more often than that being an ordinary or even an ugly looking man or woman, either young or old; on other, even stranger occasions, being (for example) a North American black bear, or a hall stand, or a towering golden ionic column (or person dressed in such a costume as to appear to be these things). But regardless, the one who was called never hesitating to rise and meet their caller.

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