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John wouldn’t have been able to tell you the moment in which everything changed. His job had always been boring. Perhaps it had been a gradual change, or maybe it a change that had happened all at once but the moment of change escaped his attention. Previously all of the street signs that came out of the paint machine seemed the same to him, but he found himself discriminating between them. He had come to understand that there were differences between the signs that were produced by the machine, and once he had realised that there were differences, his perception of the differences became refined through continual observation. On some of the signs, the letters of STOP seemed sharpener, the red colour brighter, the aluminium smoother, the whole effect more luminous. It had been usual for him to occupy his time with some other matter while the machines ran, but he found himself watching the process as though it were not repetitive. But of course it was different every time!

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