a dream

Nov 21 2012

one morning i woke up to discover a dream beside my head on the pillow. the inside of my ear on that side was all wet and i assumed it had slipped out and had probably woken me up as it did so although i had no memory of anything having disturbed my sleep or even of the dream as i had dreamed it. i took a shower and cleaned my ear.

i couldnt think what to do with the dream as it seemed excessively fragile with the fragility of an egg yolk. it was not yellow like an egg yolk but transparent but it was shaped something like an egg yolk. it quivered and radiated a weak light and emitted a soft song.

i opened my dream journal to make a note of it and noticed that it illuminated words on the pages that had not been there and were not there in the absence of its illumination. i took up a pen and started tracing over the words. this took some weeks and at times i had to go out of the house to work. i left my dream under a nightlight in a white bowl. i had no family or pets or other inhabitants of my home so i knew it would be safe from that kind of interference but i was still afraid when i came home it would have lost its substance.

before i finished writing down its words it did fall apart. it seemed that it was close to finishing and i did not know why it could not go on. it collapsed under its own weight and its contents spilled out and its light dimmed down and went away and it stopped singing. it was just a little bit of water in the bowl and i watered my houseplant with it. the houseplant did not seem to mind.

in time i died and someone who cleaned out my house was able to salvage the manuscript of my dream’s journal which was still in my house. the person was able to complete the unfinished manuscript and it was published as a novel and made that person famous.

the council put a bench in the park with an inscription on it to my memory because i had done good things for the community during my life. it was under the shade of some trees where the birds sang.

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