beethoven’s 7th notes 2nd movement

Oct 13 2011

figuring out what happened and where it’s coming from or unable to figure and instead attempting to guess and discover intuitive possibilities? of meaning? [fck this] and so comparison to these things we might know and their meanings integrated picaresque: exploratory peter and the wolf and yet

hold woah no (feeble!) and then initially emerging interpretively [personal limitations predictably/ashamedly] from position of this vast ability., arising out of the positioning of limited ability, inability or disability (poltial corectness struggle in approaching these terms & wondering; when will i finally develop human respect).

(this is why you spent your lives composing your little love letters to beethoven; you were mesmerised by his goodness, and his generosity, to you and to all of us;)]’[you make me cry (i cry in response to what you made]’

[(2.) fragmentation: ‘modernist dream of true representation’ ., this coherence is unbearable. ,(but unfortunately.) [if i could somehow break open my mind (its limits)] i am so frsutrated right now. digression aside at least to locate some modest (inferior) achievement, anything, please!,

what it is is majesty and yet there is this benignity tempering the [when will i learn to check these things in literature rather than just feeling my way through them or perhaps this is for the best and then begin to learn more properly later] fumbling around in the dark (no, this is a learning process, not an instantaneous reaction); “genius” (F)

as not contradictory but integrated and with dignity. magisterial/magnanimous. regal positioning and yet both imaginative and vicarious while philosophical; & an indication of the breath of imaginative and creativity of this spirit. [banal/trite. (pedestrian.)] what is sophistication and how is it obtained? gratitude/inadequacy

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