in your heart

Apr 06 2013

in infancy, John discovered the receptacle of his heart, and began to keep things within it. some of the things he collected were play doh, cicadas, bicycle, rocks, rosebud, shells, mother, stickers.

Jane too, although having no knowledge of John (or anything much else at all outside the confines of her child world), similarly began to fill her heart. amongst other things she collected red, magnifying glasses, triangles, strawberry, firetruck, angel.

still unaware of each other, as moving in different places, Jane and John grew into adolescence, and continued adding things to the collections in their hearts. they both obtained many precious treasures, but here are just a few. John collected shattered mirrors, blanket, joy, pure, silence, stone. Jane found detachment, value, sanctity, creature, secret, laughing, bird.

as young adults, Jane and John each discovered the heart of the other, and willingly shared hearts with one another. however, John would never allow Jane to see his shattered mirrors. he would keep them always just out of sight, although the fragments of light reflected by their surfaces would prevent Jane from pretending to herself that she did not know about them. but Jane possessed secret, and would always pretend to John that she did not know about them.

at this time, some of the things Jane found for her heart were music, soap, liberty, and dearth, while some of those John found were caramel, mathematics, pencil, and generosity. John made a gift to Jane, and it was rage. Jane also gave John a gift, and it was sunlight.

when they reached maturity, Jane and John sought more serious things for their hearts. John found poetry and patience, while Jane found nature and another woman. both found union and parenthood. but they inevitably became older and older, and discovered things in their hearts that they could not remember having put there. there were broken chairs, and decomposing flowers, and tightropes, and oceans. and between their hearts together was dimension.

but after all of that and everything else Johns heart stopped beating, and so did Janes, and they both died, because human hearts are not made to endure.

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