like a spider spinning web

Jan 18 2012

in my front yard we watched a spider spinning her web. [this point insert anecdote relating details of own abortive attempts to capture video footage] very lovely spider like miniature garden orb of sorts she crawls inward along each strand to reach step across to the next and then back along outward to reattach her spiral labyrinth there,

[(how utterly ridiculous,. this notion of some nascent poetry, from an individual absolutely without poetics) what was your presumption? ‘free verse’ did you, with the pathetic aspirational excuse i see,

– agonies of doubt) [this construction is unequal to quality or even worse modesty] this is in fact becoming entirely too repetitive.

and in opening the back gate entering i destroyed a silken net already woven this weaver crouching behind in background sheltered against gate post within fence cavity under specially selected leaf elegantly furnished with perfectly composed geometric lace upholstery almost too meticulously sophisticated this one and. an entire days work all evaporated in my arrogance.

as we stepped together (i leading you or who leading who) into the garden you mentioned [casually? (!)

your opinions on the nature of art, by comparison to life its subservience, inferiority, falsehood, dependence,


while i swallowed my own little notions on its inextricability and its augury of all that has been and all that will be, and who would dare to scorn that divine oracle? meddlesome maker of all?

(and was immediately relieved that i had, as i wondered whether you spoke of something else entirely outside my understanding, and my voice dissipated in diminishing echoes of suburban eternity

[properly updated and finished with final revisions?]

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