Jul 14 2015


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  1. i dreamed that i got hold of some moly and that i should try to draw it when i woke up.

    attempting to recreate my dream was fun and i learned a lot from it about drawing (even if my generally lackluster talents mean that it is not very apparent from this example). i learned about the receptivity of different paper types to various media, the imperative of using a sharpener, and the usefulness of application direction in creating texture. i also learned how to create highlights.

    but the most interesting thing i learned was that moly has eyes! who would have guessed? all i knew when i started drawing was that the leaves would be made to magically float in detachment from any stems. because the herb has a protective property, i think it makes sense that it would have eyes. i think that they are friendly little eyes that could perhaps belong to a sort of nature spirit or sprite.

    in case anyone is wondering, the text is a translation from Homer’s “Odyssey”. i actually made an error of transcription: the correct text should read “But gods are able to do all things” rather than “But the Gods are able to do all things”. but i decided not to correct it.

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