Dec 13 2012

in a quiet seaside suburb a bus rushed down a hill. it was traveling towards the beach and some of the people on it were planning to swim or sunbathe. it was the afternoon but it had been a real summer day and the air was still hot. one of the passengers who was not going to the beach but to an appointment was a lady in a sun dress with a hat and a handbag in her lap. she had been perspiring before she had stepped on the bus but she was cooler now as all of the windows were open and the air was rushing over her. but the moisture on the back of her legs felt funny against the fabric of her dress on the vinyl of the seat. she could not decide whether it was uncomfortable or not. the motor of the bus was growling and roaring as it plunged towards the ocean.

down an adjacent street and down another parallel street were homes where people lived without a lot of fuss. there was never much traffic on the road and the kids sometimes played there although they were not strictly allowed. a bit later in the afternoon than when the lady’s bus passed by two children, a brother and sister, were playing cricket with some other neighbourhood youngsters. they called out things to each other as they played. their mother was watering their back garden at that time and someone next door was chatting to her a little bit over the fence. later in the evening when they came indoors the two children would eat fish fingers and chips with mayonnaise and also a salad made from sliced tomatoes and iceberg lettuce with storebought vinaigrette.

down another few streets and closer to the beach was a storefront with some appliances in the window. the appliances were not new but used and although they were in good condition had a bit of a faded look about them. this impression was partly conveyed by some posters and wallpapering behind them on the back wall of the window space which had actually been slightly bleached by the sun. however the sun shining on the window did look cheerful and the business was successful. the storefront was mainly just for show as there was some reselling but the real business was repairs and spare parts. it was a family business and the family was a happy family made of a middleaged man, his halfgrown son who was apprenticed to him, and his adult daughter who was living with them with her little boy. they liked to watch television together before bed.

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