Pink Beach

Jan 27 2016


Have you ever had strange visions while being halfway between sleeping and waking? One night in this state I perceived that I was walking along a sandbar between a tall pale yellow dune and a pink beach. (Did you know that there really are pink beaches in the world?) Because it was such a mesmerising and peaceful experience, and because I don’t seem to have too many artistic ideas at all these days, I thought I might try to draw my pink beach. Since I lack drawing skills I decided the best way to draw it would be as a sort of pseudotopographical map.

What you see here is my third attempt. My first attempt looked ridiculously vaginal (not that there’s anything at all wrong with that, except that it wasn’t supposed to look like that), so I redrew it. After that I was happy with the shapes, but I couldn’t get the colour right. I tried to colour both my first and second attempts with pencils, but I couldn’t build the intensity up enough, and I couldn’t get the colours right at all. So I scanned up a colourless line drawing of my beach, and attempted to colour it digitally. Still, I find that I can’t reproduce the colours that were in my vision. I would be able to do it in writing to a much greater extent. The translucent turquoise waves lapping over the pink sands… In drawing, I find it impossible. Sometimes you just have to fail.

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