Sep 07 2012

Jane wished her father would stop staring at her. she had hidden the pain in her jaw well enough until today but it had become overwhelming and she’d had to tell him. she needed medical attention! if she hadn’t been so distracted by his scrutiny she wouldn’t have been able to focus on even the sterile greys and blues of the waiting room. “maybe it’s just your wisdom teeth coming through,” he said, “or…”

Jane didn’t want to be wise, or anything else suggested by that elliptical “or”, she just wanted to be ordinary plain Jane. “stop looking at me like that Dad”, she said.

her dentist, Dr. Jones, didnt take too long checking out her mouth. “a cavity?” she inquired hopefully. “no – no cavity Jane,” he said, “your teeth are as flawless as ever. here, have a look,” he said, handing her a small mirror. as she watched, her canines lengthened and expanded, just the way Claudia’s did in the film adaptation of Interview With The Vampire, as played by Kirsten Dunst. for Jane it was like a nightmare.

“can we file them down or remove them?” she asked. “can i have braces?” Jones, a sensitive man, detected the desperation in her voice. “i’m sorry Jane,” he said, “but there’s nothing we can do. i’ve seen it before – they just grow back. even if we could somehow modify your teeth, what would that be to your other changes?”

Jane’s skin, as he had been talking, had become a luminous translucent substance, not like the human epidermis at all. “you see Jane?” he said, “you’re beautiful.” he paused. “you know, it’s not the death sentence it used to be. have you ever heard how many great men stood on the shoulders of those before them? scientists, artists, even athletes,” he continued. and as she watched, her image in the mirror disappeared completely. she became invisible to that surface.

Dr. Jones kept talking, on and on about shit to do with literature, stoker and stephenie meyer and something about rewriting entire genres, but she couldn’t understand any of it. the pain in her jaw had become generalised to her entire skull as an exquisitely agonising throbbing blinding burning that was consuming her whole world. and his voice was like a dental drill, invading the membranes of her mind with its relentless presence. its penetration was uninvited, unwelcome – it was hurting her head. she latched onto his carotid and sucked him dry, then she turned into a bat and escaped through the window into the night.

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