pure art

Jan 19 2012

regarding a music that is unlike for example opera not about anything other than itself an art for its own sake and how this can be achieved in literature specifically such as say the novel about suicide in which the protagonist suicides and following publication author also suicides such as sylvia plath lets not get carried away in any overparticular digression here or that edouard leve which attracted me and existence as an entirety of devotion to these intertwining processes of life and art even perhaps only one almost insignificant grain of sand what becomes questionable is several matters in fact being that whether these things are worthwhile here while it is to a great extent now taken for granted that these expressions are absolutely necessary to the progression for lack of a better word of knowledge as begrudgingly funded by the behoven state through all forms of university disciplines perhaps in some places more than others where we foolishly expect the market to take care of such matters but why so questionable and how there is barely any way out of this maze of interrogation when all of these terms assert their own conflicted senses and so that even ultimately the question of progress is at stake in anything at all but we have to forget that only what must be grasped is the potential of these matters for rather than as the finality and closure of suicide to be open ready fluid and moving outward and toward and whether this is even possible or purity can only be proven in termination and but of course the whole point of it being that art is inherently good and requires no justification.

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