Jan 01 2017

I made this small colour pencil illustration (11cm) for someone who provided me with an extraordinary level of support last year.

It turned out nowhere near as good as I wanted it to, but I think it turned out OK.

I think that the trunks of the trees almost have a foreshortened effect which I didn’t plan at all (the distorted tree shapes are just my lousy drawing).

I am using Derwent Studio. I’m terrible at working with pencils – I can’t figure out how to deal with their waxy quality or how to develop precision with them. I always imagine that I will be able to get a more layered look. I think I lack the patience necessary to get results with them. Also skill. I think maybe I should watch some tutorial videos or read a book about how to use them properly.

I used this textured paper that I’m not sure whether it was a mistake or not. I guess it was a mistake, but everything is a learning experience. The texture lines in the paper run vertical. After I had started (my time is too limited to start again) I realised that it would have been better for the texture lines to run horizontally for a more lake-like nature type effect rather than the “artistic” or “canvas” effect it created here, but it’s something to think about for next time I use a textured paper.

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