Aug 22 2012

in search of the well of inspiration, John had walked far into the dry land, until he had lost count of the weeks. for some time he had been favoured with the company of the feral goats of the fringes of that place, chewing on their dry sticks and turning towards him the surfaces of their yellow eyes, but before long all that remained was the dim sun lurking on the horizon of that dusty sky. although technically desert it was not hot, and he never seemed to become very thirsty, but after running out of food his hunger gnawed at him. finding his clothes and pack to be inedible, he saw no further use for them, and discarding all worldly possessions wandered on naked and unburdened.

after an indeterminate period of time he came to the well, which was actually a chasm in the earth, like a crude wound, or an obscene mouth. a few desiccated weeds trailed from its cracked edges, suggesting that somewhere here was sometimes water. John looked deep into the well and saw unfathomably nothing. having nothing else, he gave his self to the darkness, and made a wish. it passed into the unknown and the yellow sun blinked.

presently from out of the depths bubbled a pure elixir, with a symphony of faceted lights echoing throughout its substance. these were not the usual waters that come from a tap but another kind containing an abundance that once consumed could never be diminished. around the chasm crept the lush fronds of an oasis of ripe and delicious bounty.

John noticed none of this. having relinquished his self to the well he had continued wandering onward into the broken plains, which proceeded to oblivion.

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