the creative spark

Dec 19 2012

John was bequeathed all of his wealthy aunt’s massive riches only to find that she was bankrupted and her estate had been liquidated to finance her debt. all that was left was a suitcase of no discernible financial consequence.

it was an ugly old box of brown leather, the kind often called a portmanteau and easily discovered by mountainous quantities in second hand stores. when John opened it a million scraps of notepaper flowed out all covered in scribblings. an envelope marked with his name caught John’s eye and without any more to do he tore it open.

“Contained herein my dear” (the missive read) “rests the entire creative work of a lifetime, that I hope you may put to good use, as I know you possess the creative spark within you.” One after another, in a state of disintegrating patience, John examined the loose handwritten leaves, which he determined to be a collection of unrealised narrative plans or story ideas. in a rage, he put his creative spark to good use by setting alight all of his aunt’s writings. he danced around the blaze shrieking with laughter as it all went up in smoke.

in the months that followed, he experienced great regret for his actions, when he realised he could have collected those worthless scripts in a volume of prompts for aspiring authors, which might have wrung a very tidy sum.

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