winedark aspirations

Jun 20 2012

these warm hands taking hold of my cold hands and placing their palms together. leading me by them within from the gilt portal between the wallspaces with the tall gilt windows facing the same wallspaced windows. the morning flowing in and the warmvoice welcoming me and walking me around like some sort of confused havisham.

there is a shimmering counter beside the doorway by which i entered and it is veneered with goldenflecked plyboards like her hair of sleek silverstreak. we stride a greenandred golden carpet filigreeing beneath a pressed white plaster ceiling suspending crystal chandeliers. i cant remember where i have been or how i have come here. who am i

these are where your pictures will hang she says nodding at the soft sunlit papered wallplaces. my pictures i state with the inflection of a question what pictures while beribboned baricades rebuff any sudden movements wallward. the pictures you will paint now you are an artist, now you are an artist, now you are an artist.

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