you always have a choice

Aug 22 2012

once upon a time there was a girl who was entirely alone and had suffered many misfortunes in life. possessing no money, education, or other prospects, things were very bad for her, and she decided to kill herself. having determined upon this resolve, and in anticipating all of the pain and inconvenience of self-destruction, tears of pure desolation flowed from her eyes; and from the tears sprang a fairy.

“do not cry little girl”, said the fairy, “here is a magical gift from my world that will change your life”. and he brought forth a beautiful music box, which he wound up and opened. inside was a dancing figure made of immobile plastic, and a reel playing an enchanted melody that was not of this world. the song seemed to be constantly changing, forever new, and always fascinating. the fairy gave the girl a sparkling smile and dissipated in a shimmering cloud.

after listening to the music of the box for a day or two, the girl sold it at a pawn store for three hundred dollars, which she spent on heroin. she overdosed and died in absolute peace. the box eventually came into the hands of a swedish music student, who used it to forge a lucrative career in songwriting. the fairy has no concerns about any of this or anything else we could understand.

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