i created this 24 page zine as a distributable product representing a few of my stories that some kind friends have expressed enjoyment of. it reproduces 4 original short fictions available to read on my site, all written by hand in a custom designed type setting, with each story having been thoroughly revised and edited for inclusion, and also contains a very small work of original verse not represented on my site with which i am particularly happy. it is fully illustrated with original drawings that i created especially for it. each copy has a simple hand stitched cotton binding and is illuminated using 8 POSCA metallic marker colours (sorry – the colours do not appear very spectacularly in these pictures). i produced the whole thing myself, in the hope of delighting anyone who might look at it, and it was a very interesting experience. i inscribed it in honour of my dear aunt Helen who sadly passed away not long after i completed it. it is a free zine and if anyone would like to own a copy i would be grateful for an opportunity to provide it. if you would like to get one please send an email to marc(at)maJicland(dot)com communicating your name and postal address.

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